Most organizations, irrespective of their capacity and size need continual and thorough research within their sectors to keep up the momentum within their business curves. That said, research is a painstakingly time-consuming process and often requires dedicated employees focused on the same. However, hiring a full-time employee and arranging the regular provisions like insurances, office facilities, medical benefits etc is not always a comfortable option for entrepreneurs and startup organizations.

Most modern-day organizations and startups have hence realized the benefits offered by offloading the job to a Research Virtual assistant.

So, what really is a Research Virtual assistant?


As the name suggests, a Research Virtual assistant works remotely and conducts internet-based research and data compilation for various client objectives. Since the need for internet research cannot be compromised when the growth of an organization is concerned, it is important for companies to delegate the job to experienced individuals within the sector. That said, hiring a regular employee for the job has its own drawbacks. That’s exactly where a Research Virtual assistant fits in perfectly. Clients can get all their research work done with minimal instructions and stay tuned to the ever-changing trends of the business world.

When a company, business, organization or startup take a step ahead into a new business, they need to have properly researched data to grow their business, so that they can compete with the other company. Conducting a research they can get various type of information like statical data of a niche market, background information about a company, contact details of leads or any govt related information. Gathering all these information, it helps them to take a right decision towards growing their business.

Internet research is a time-consuming task and needs expertise and lots of efforts to find appropriate details. Here our Webcenture's research virtual assistant comes and takes all the responsibility to provide quality work in research by working remotely. Our research virtual assistant will conduct a research according to your requirements like product research to market research, competitors analysis and he will send the compilation.

By hiring an online internet researcher from Webcenture can reduce your 60% cost of an employee.

Why should you hire a Research Virtual assistant?


It is a fairly understandable and acceptable knowledge that every growing organization needs a fair quantum of research work as a part of their everyday activities. Be it a technical research on latest technologies and their engineering details, or regular marketing research involving potential customers, customer opinions and mindset, potential partners and competition, marking out important business leads; research is an integral part to keep a business moving on the upward curve.

However, if you ever had a thought if self-managing this very essential task while taking care of other important aspects of your business as well, let us assure you that you are headed for a mess. A thorough research often ends up taking endless screen hours and can consume a good number of your office hours. Smart and successful organization hence realize the importance offloading the same to Research Virtual assistant and getting the job done without having to make arrangements for hiring a full-time employee.

For those still debating the thought of hiring a Research Virtual assistant, it is suggested to check out our list of the key benefits that companies can look forward to when hiring one.

  • No botheration about the regular job liabilities and contractual obligations like medical, insurance, leaves, retirement benefits etc that need to be offered to a full-time employee
  • Get the freedom to choose amongst the best internet based Research Virtual assistants specializing in diverse industries as per your need
  • Hiring a Research Virtual assistant from reliable organizations like WEBCENTURE comes with a 100% confidentiality guarantee
  • Get the flexibility of getting work done in different time zones
  • Get a good understanding of the competition within the market with someone constantly looking out for potential partners, prospective customers, trends in other regions of the world etc.
  • Boost productivity as your business grows.

What tasks can companies offload to a Research Virtual assistant?


While the list is really endless and can vary based on the needs of a client, the subject for which research is needed, the depth level at which research is needed; most successful organizations as well as startups depend on research virtual assistants for offloading some of the following key tasks.

  • Market research: This is one task which can often end up taking multiple hours during a regular business day. Various activities including research on products, competitors, customers, compiling statistical data, looking out for prospective vendors and their offers, checking out latest market deals and schemes etc. as well as interpreting information from the searches made and creating reliable data for client usage can be offloaded to a Research Virtual assistant.
  • Gathering Primary Information: Collecting and compiling data outside of the Internet-based research can also be a useful source of information for various product-based This includes conducting customer surveys, interviews, generating opinions, conducting email-based surveys, schedule video meetings with client groups etc.
  • Collaborating Secondary Information: This could include a wide range of tasks like collecting a pre-researched data via the internet, previously created research reports, legal and government procedures, Google search, census reports or various other concerned websites. While most of the information is already available on the internet, a trained virtual assistant understands how to utilize the available options and gather the most accurate and latest information for a client.
  • Qualitative and Quantitative information compilation: The best results are generated when an organization has a complete hold over both qualitative and quantitative information at its disposal. A well trained Research Virtual assistant will understand the need to cross-check both these types of data to get to a realistic picture for the client.
  • Comparative research: This could include the simplest tasks like comparing the best food vendors for an office set up or complex tasks like researching and comparing various market products, technologies, competitors, growth cycles etc. A trained Research Virtual assistant will be able to send you the best options with appropriate reasons for choosing one.
  • Information and Data Research: This could involve a wide range of tasks like looking out for the latest technologies, new ventures or basically anything under the sun! All you need is to supply your virtual assistant with the subject that you want to be researched and you will be supplied with all the possible information in the form of well-compiled data for your use.

Who are the top clients needing a Research Virtual assistant?


Most hot shots of the business world already know the value that virtual assistants can bring in to their growth curves. With multiple benefits like saving on time, getting the job done in a more cost-effective manner, avoiding feeling overwhelmed with multiple business responsibilities, getting a boost in sales with improved market understanding etc; most organizations are looking at offloading various organizational tasks including research to virtual assistants. With the clients ranging from established corporate to small-medium businesses to startups to even individuals, there is a high demand for Research Virtual assistants in the business world. Some of the top clients who need the services of a Research Virtual assistant are:

  • Law firms
  • Real Estate agencies, brokers etc.
  • Product based organizations
  • Information technology-based firms
  • Accounting and financial organizations
  • Marketing organizations
  • Human resource organizations
  • Customer survey organizations
  • Content research/SEO organizations

How can our research virtual assistant help you?

Travel Research

Get the research done on affordable and cheapest travels deals to roam the world. Visit all the best and important places without missing any with help of our research virtual assistant.

Database Research

Our Research virtual assistant will gather data from the web and populate into sheet or system, also, he will be updating it regularly.

Influencer Research

Has the research conducted to be retained up to date on the trends of influencer within your field and keep collecting important data which is appropriate to your business with research virtual assistant? He will go on all the profiles which really matter to your business.

Trend Research

Its really the best things with you should always be up to date. Be aware of latest technological updates on your field and keep getting knowledge with our online internet researcher who will keep an eye on your industry update to grab them for you.

Lead Generation

Grow your business and get new potential clients for your business with our research virtual assistant. He will visit every networking sites to generate new leads.

Web Research

Get the reviews, alternatives, comparisons of the products and services before buying them to take the best buying decision. Product and market research:- our research assistant will scan all the sites to do data research for marketing plans and strategies. He will even do analysis research on competitors company to get the best strategy for your business.

Research anything

Our research virtual assistant can help you with below services too.

  • Charts & Image Search
  • Keyword searches
  • Product & Market Research
  • Catalogs & Rates Search
  • Purchasing research reports
  • Web research
  • Domains Availability Search
  • Statistics assistance
  • Compilations of Data
  • General Vendor Research
  • Companies Research
  • Deals and schemes research
  • Government procedures and paperwork
  • Legal Procedure Research
  • Logistics solutions
  • Job Search & Application
  • Data processing & management

Some final thoughts….

With the need to cope up with increasing work demands and gripping competition in the business worlds, accurate research and reliable data is the key to growth. With organizations like WEBCENTURE providing reliable and experienced Research Virtual assistants at extremely competitive pricing structures, getting to grow your business the way you want can be a breeze.


Don't believe us, See what our clients say about our Virtual Assistant.

Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
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