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50 Things worth outsourcing to Virtual Assistant India

Getting a Virtual Assistant India can be very fruitful for entrepreneurs and busy professionals. Virtual Assistant companies empower you to go ahead and grow your business by focusing on important things. For Example, your personal assistant can help you check out your email inbox, calendar, scheduling, they will even help you in your personal life too. As they can send flowers and gift to your wife on her birthday. So, she will know that you remember her birthday and your daily life will be in balance as well. Your Virtual Assistant India can book a holiday package and how you going to commute, live and what places should be visited there.

They will ensure everything which you will need there. If you need something and you don’t have time to find on Amazon then our virtual personal assistant can find multiple deals for you and he/she will send you the list including link and images and seek for your approval. Once, you figured out which you want to buy then sit back and relax your dedicated Virtual assistant will take care of the buying process, in no time the products will be delivered to your door. You have a pet and need someone taking care or walking of them. Your Remote personal assistant will be ready for your hint and he will find the best dog walker for your pet in your locality. Also, virtual assistant pricing is low compared to an in-house employee.

These assistants don’t just help your business run smoothly but also how they help your life run smoothly.

Here are 50 things you should outsource to virtual assistant India.

1. Clearing your inbox and managing important emails in different folders so you will be able to reach at 0! And won’t miss important emails.

2. He will answer the call and make calls on behalf of you to telemarketers and your clients. Notes will be taken and sent to you. So, you can reach your prospective client and times will be saved as well.

3. You want to go on Holiday or you have to go urgently and worried about who is going to take notes and messages. Don’t worry your virtual assistant in India will take the messages while you are away from your desk.

4. Virtual assistant in India will be coordinating with your project development team and making sure the best qualities are being produced.

5. Finding travel sites and best packages for you for your next affordable vacation with proper details so you won’t have to ask anyone there and you can enjoy the trip.

6. Keeping a record of the conference call is important so we can follow instructions and produce quality services, so, is transcribed.

7. Scheduling your calendar so you won’t miss any important meetings and you don’t overbook yourself.

8. Ordering gifts, flowers on birthday/anniversary for your wife, husband, and mom, so you don’t look like an overly busy person who forgets important dates.

9. Finding a reliable dog walker who really loves dogs to take your puppy out.

10. Scheduling post on your personal facebook, so your colleagues can know that you do things out of office too.

11. Scheduling creative post on your business Facebook page, so your business constantly remain in their mind and you can attract more leads.

12. Tweet on your behalf so you can be an online influencer of many people out there.

13. Making reservations for two at a nice restaurant for dinner and he will send you a good number of emails so you don’t miss dinner with your better half.

14. Ordering things online on Amazon so they arrive at your doorstep at the same time or other day and you can use them on time.

15. Recording him/herself NY Times bestseller books so you can listen to them in free time or in the car and can tell people that you always make time for reading.

16. Providing customer support to your customers at all the hours of the day and you can sleep in the night by keeping customer retain.

17. Entering all the sales information in the CRM so you don’t miss out on sales.

18. Handling small or big data entry task so you can think about the bigger picture and you can remember there are lots of things you need to do.

19. Reaching out to bloggers and influencers to help promote your new products so people can know what new things the company has launched.

20. Posting ads on classified ads, so you can get a potential customer for your products.

21. Taking appointments at the salon so you don’t have to wait there and you can get to work asap.

22. Listing products on Amazon and eBay, so you can generate new sales in them.

23. Researching on your competitors what strategy they are applying so you can also change your marketing track.

25. Posting an article on a blog so people can read your post and get more visitors.

26. Writing a catchy and helpful post to drive more visits and increase the SEO of the website

27. Managing paid campaigns on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, applying strategies to boost the campaign performance.

28.Generating weekly and monthly reports on sales and customer acquisitions.

29. Article proofreading and copywriting.

30. Developing or customizing your website with the latest technology.

31. Marketing your business through AdWords, PPC, and Social media

32. Managing on the page and off page SEO of your website and blogs to rank higher on Google, so you can generate more leads without spending a single dollar.

33. Managing Social media accounts by posting, commenting and interacting, so you can generate more leads.

34. Listing properties, products on e-commerce and property listing sites. So, people can find.

35. Creating stunning graphics for your business, so you can attract more people showcasing on social media and ads banner.

36. Maintaining accounts on daily basis by using bookkeeping, zero, so you can track everything easily.

37. Creating stunning and mobile-friendly websites on WordPress, HTML, PHP so, you can reach a wide range of people through your website.

38. Booking appointment with clients, so you can take things forward discussing with them

39. Following up with clients and customers, sending thank you and reminders for the next step

40. Booking hotels and flights so you can save your time finding hotels and flight tickets

41. Creating slideshows and powerpoint presentation so you can explain your business strategies well.

42. Participating i. Forums and Q&A sites, so you can get more promotion on your business.

43. Replying comments on your blog, so people can know you give then importance by answering their questions.

44. Working on social bookmarking so you can increase your followers.

45. Managing social media accounts constantly according to your new update, so people can know what things are coming.

46. Setting up Social Media accounts for your business for a reliable source

47. Recruiting member for your company so you can get the best-qualified employee.

48. Creating reports on your every step, so you can know what things need to be done.

49. Researching on the certain topic you are interested in so you can get the idea on that topic.

50. Building a database of emails contacts so you can reach them as per need. So, you must have noticed now how hiring a Personal Virtual Assistant can help you to reduce your stress and you can improve your productivity.

To track time and increase the productivity of your Virtual Assistant team, we recommend using Time Doctor, it’s an amazing Time Tracking software with lots of features.

A personal Assistant can ensure proper workflow is being done and reduce your normal works on which don’t need your entire attention.

Your Virtual Assistant India can also take care of paying bills on time and scheduling a babysitter and dog walker. If we are going to talk about tasks your virtual assistant India can do, the list is almost endless! We are one among the best virtual assistant companies, Hire the best virtual assistant and get 24/7 virtual assistant support.

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