What is a virtual medical assistant?

A Virtual Medical Assistant is a remote executive who performs tasks related to the administration for doctors and healthcare practitioners similar to an in-house medical assistant. Medical VAs are skilled in tasks such as medical billing, appointments scheduling, and management, medical record maintenance and other such tasks,

Why do need a virtual medical assistant?

When we are running a business then we encounter lots of new things to run the business smoothly. Running a medical facility involves a good number of tasks which we have to update on daily basis to keep it's up to date.

To keep it up to date, you have to hire an in-house employee which is going to be expensive so best the option is to hire a Virtual Medical Assistant, and you can focus on your patient and healthcare center. Virtual Medical Assistant can help you in multiple tasks that include communicating with patients, scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, maintaining records, as well as accounting and billings.

We can help you migrate data from old system to your new EMR. Whether you are starting your own practice or you need to change the software or need to transfer data from Paper to a system. Our Medical Virtual assistant will always be ready to make the transition easier.

Here our Virtual Medical assistant can play a major key role in providing healthcare facility support services. Also, it will give you freedom and save your lot of time as well as money. As you have an option to pay as you go. Our MVAs are trained to accomplish such tasks.

How can our virtual medical assistant help you?

Record Maintenance

Our Medical Virtual Assistant will keep all the data up to date and will be updated regularly daily basis so you can trace the things later on.

Customer Service

Our Medical VAs will make calls behalf of you to maintain customer relationship. Follow up, reminder everything will be done by him without any interruption.

Billing and Accounting

Accounts related things like payable and receivables finance will be maintained and tracked by our medical virtual assistant.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR) management

Your Medical VAs will manage your patient's EMR data and will be updated time to time. Also, we will take care of updating patient's file and other data entry.

Don't believe us, See what our clients say about our Virtual Assistant.

Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
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