What is an ecommerce/Amazon Virtual Assistant?

An ecommerce or Amazon virtual assistant is a person or contractor, who works offshore for an online store to keep the store up to date. An E-commerce VA will work as per client's business need and will do the needful to keep the Online store running 24x7.

Why you should hire an E-commerce Virtual Assistant?

These days it has become very easy to order something at our doorstep through online, without going to the store.

When it was introduced to the world, people were not interested in buying online, but day by day it seems people are buying more online than going to marketplaces.

It has is now very seamless for finding and buying products online but very few know the other side of this business, as it's very tough to keep the Onlne store running.

There is just not a single task to run this business, but you also have to manage multiple tasks periodically.

As a business owner, you should invest your time expanding your business rather than getting in stuck managing store, updating products, adding new products and prices, handling shipping, providing customer support, and other such overheading activities but these activities are also important to be managed.

Maybe you should outsource those repetitive tasks to an E-commerce Virtual Assistant and do best what you do, Expanding the brand and generating more revenues.

What you should outsource to E-commerce virtual Assistants?

Its a secret a weapon for lots of business to get where they are now. Hearing this you must be ready to outsource your daily Amazon tasks to a virtual assistant but are not sure what things you can outsource to a virtual assistant.

Actually, you can outsource everything to an Amazon Virtual assistant, who is an expert in handling amazon's, Shopify, WooCommerce and other e-commerce business models task. If you are alone and running the business then it will definitely help you a lot on a minimal cost.

It will make you free to expand your business as well as pay the attention where it's required. If you are still hesitating to hire a VA then I will advise you to start with basic things and if you find fruitful then pass on other things.

Here, I am outlining a few common tasks, which our clients delegate to us.

Product and research tasks :-

Every business needs the product to sell and expand the list of products. Whether old products or new products you will always need a supplier to fulfill your requirement. If you getting old product costly and you don't want to let go off that products, then you should have other option of Suppliers who can get you the same products on cheap price so you can make a few dollars. Finding a good number of products and suppliers takes lots of time and effort. Instead of wasting your time you can hire Amazon virtual assistant to get this task done.

Contacting potential Suppliers :-

Once you have a list of suppliers and products after digging hours. it doesn't stop here, you might have to spend double time than what you spent on searching leads.

You have to reach out all of them then you will get the best deals and an option supplier in case you need replacement in the future.

Amazon VA will take care of this task on given criteria and get you final outcome taking notes of it, which will just be useful to you for your business.

Excel work on Digital Products :-

A business owner can have all the data in excel. But, every business owners are not master in it. You can have benefits using spreadsheets as it will not take long to peak for some specific things.

In excel file every product can be organized digitally, an excel expert can create a tracking system within the sheet. Also, VA can manage data related to inventory. The well-organized file can save you lots of time tracking things easily.

Removing Images Background :-

Aesthetic image can gain you a more customer than a dull image. If you are going to do this by learning this might still not get you the best quality. Amazon seller VA can remove the background of it and create images which will comply rules of the marketplace.

Creating explanation video or manual - if your products need instructions on how to use then Amazon VA can develop an explanation video, infographics or Manual to show a customer.

A better-created video will definitely add a value to its products and it will help customers to make a buying decision.

Publishing articles on the blogs :-

When you got new products you will have to reach out to mommy blogger for getting reviews of products because this era is digital and before buying the products customer always take a look on the reviews to know the real side of a product.

You will need to reach mommy blogger and Finding best reviewer could be tedious, simply hand over this task to amazon VA to take care of it.

Listing products on Amazon :-

It can be handled by efficient amazon VA, if you need brand new listing or update the old one. It needs skillset to create a new listing, one should have knowledge of uploading and creating files keeping all the things in mind.

Optimizing Amazon listing :-

Without optimizing Amazon listing you can not get a single customer as today's era is very competitive. You have to constantly work on it and change the keywords as changes the time and popularity of keywords.

To gain more customers, you have to keep looking on your competitors listing and make changes accordingly, which can attract customers towards your products.

Optimized SEO based listing always generate more customers and sales.

Adjusting pricing and inventory :-

To remain ahead of all the trend, you need to update pricing on daily basis, you have to look over your competitor's products as to what they are offering.

If you don't reprice you might have to pay more money to storage. Repricing will generate more sales and products will be sold out before it gets unpopular.

Fulfilling orders and sending tracking :-

You need to constantly look at it and make sure that orders are fulfilled on time and customers get an update of it.

It's very straight and simple to do but can eat up a good amount of time. You might be doing it weekly but to earn customer on a repeat basis, you have to do it on a daily basis so that you can retain the same customers and you might get a positive review, which will eventually help you increase sales.

Hire an E-commerce Virtual Assistants to do this task so that it will be done automatically and while you can focus on expanding the business.

Customer Service emailing and calling :-

When it comes to handling customer support for your e-store, you can get it done from Amazon itself. But, Amazon might not fit in this because they don't often get it right.

You will have lots of emails on the same query and you don't want to get stuck giving the same answer to all emails. It will be a boon you hire Amazon VA to do this task who can provide the best quality work, keeping an eye on all the tab throughout the process.

If sometimes something comes up big, you will be notified for it and you can get things sorted out smoothly.

Handling Returns and Exchanges :-

Every business runs because they have customers, and if you want to have more customers then your service support should always be on top.

if a customer is satisfied with your customer's service, you will sail this out. It will need great attention if you need your customer service on top.

An experienced E-commerce Virtual Assistant can handle all the inquiry carefully and politely, keeping customers happy and satisfied.

As hiring amazon Virtual Assistant will be a good decision to keep your customer service on top.

Seller Performance Notification Communication :-

You have to be on top for your seller's score if you want to get something out of this business and it needs constant monitoring.

If you are notified for something you should act on as soon as possible. An E-commerce Virtual Assistant can be a good fit here than you to look after this and all the notifications can be managed efficiently and promptly.

Amazon PPC :-

Amazon PPC is similar to Google, and if you don't pay much attention, it will eat up your money, getting nothing in return.

Amazon Virtual Assistant should have the knowledge to target the right keywords. If you take the right step and want this process mistake free then hire an E-commerce virtual assistant to do.

It will not save you spending lots of dollars but time too.

An E-commerce Virtual Assistant will take care of everything on time to time, and changing the things when required as the frequency changes.

You have to just oversee the project rest of things will be managed by VA.

Bookkeeping :-

One might get frustrated logging and log off doing repeatedly. But, on another side, everyone loves having clear financial details in any software or in excel file.

To take care of it on regular basis takes much time, as you want it to be.

Hire a professional bookkeeper to take care of this tedious task. Having knowledge, he can take over things like calculating Amazon fees, paying suppliers, taking refunds and exchanges.

You will get completely report done, where you have to just peek to make sure things done in the right way.

Don't believe us, See what our clients say about our Virtual Assistant.

Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
Personal Assistant and Cheap Virtual Assistant Service India
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